Katrina Yancey Owner & Principal

Katrina is the owner and princpal designer and marketing strategist of Dying to Live Consulting, founded in 2015.

With over 14 years in the Information Technology field, as an employee, and over 5 years as a business owner, she applies her analytical problem-solving skills to everything that she does. Over the years, her business has grown from simply offering websites to graphics to branding and marketing.

Her passion for small business has grown over the years, as she desires to see them achieve their goals through beautiful and functional design, concise and authentic communication, and intentioned and focused effort. Her passion is fueled by an understanding of the freedom that comes with being a small business owner, having left her IT career at the height of her success in the field, and desires to see small business owners succeed and the small business failure statistics change.

When she isn’t working with small businesses, you can usually find her creating art and content to share with the world over at Dying to Live Art. So, of course she enjoys exploring creative activities – learning to use watercolor pencils being her latest adventure – but, she is also an avid reader and enjoys writing, cooking, and watching movies.


Graphic & Web Design