Who We Are

Dying to Live Consulting is a graphic design firm that specializes in brand identity development and marketing strategy for small businesses.

What We Do

We help our clients identify areas of focus within their business so that they may be more effective in their branding and marketing efforts. We deliver beautiful design and practical solutions that are designed to help each project reach the goal, as it is intended. We are committed to helping small businesses quit wasting time, money and effort chasing after the latest fads and trends that quickly fade away and focus on making the most of utilizing that which will never fade – their authentic identity.

Our Story

I started out, in business, developing websites. From there, I expanded my offerings to add graphic design, once I was awakened to the reality of my creative gift. I really enjoyed crafting creative designs for my clients. Who doesn’t enjoy it when they find their groove, doing something that they love – AND getting paid for it, right? But then, something happened that I didn’t expect. I began to notice that my clients were not getting any results from what I was creating.

Whether I designed an event flyer, a Facebook cover or ad, a logo, or brand collateral – such as brochures or postcards – yes, the design was beautiful, but the client was getting zero results from it. Perplexed, and kind of saddened, I began to look at the reasons why this was happening. I quickly discovered why so many small business owners were choose to go the DIY route when it comes to brand assets – logos, websites, graphics, and collateral – they weren’t getting any return for the money they’d spent.

And I could totally understand it. I mean, I’m a practical person and I don’t believe in paying someone to do for me, that which I could do for myself – and especially if I won’t get a return. No, thank you. But, the other thing I discovered was the many of them had no clue who their audience was or what to do when it came to marketing and promotion. They had awesome ideas, awesome visions, but no plan or strategy for execution. And so we added strategic services to help our clients reach their goals.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the same place – myself included. We have this great idea, this wonderful vision, and we get excited and just start. We jump headlong into the world of entrepreneurship following everyone’s “blueprint” and “strategy” but our own. We think, “This is how it’s done” or “They say I should do this” and just start executing things that were never going to work for us, because those ideas were not designed to help us reach our goals.

What We Believe

I believe that every business and business owner is unique. Because of this, I believe that there is a lane that only you can drive in, towards a destination that only you have. For this journey, you will need a roadmap (strategy) and tools that work best for you. What is your lane? What the roadmap? I don’t know, but I’m sure you do and we can help you identify it.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels on a path that doesn’t fit you, reach out to us, we’ll be glad to hear from you. But, I must put out this disclaimer. We don’t work magic. Business, even small business, is hard work. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” branding and marketing strategy. Work is involved. And even with a killer strategy, there will be no results unless there is consistent execution. So prepared to be challenged and be prepared to work, but also be prepared to grow and enjoy your work again.